Brian Dolin, Knoxville Branch Manager of Fortier Loss Control Consultants, completed jobsite safety inspections

Brian Dolan of Fortier Loss Control Consultants, Inc. completed jobsite safety inspections for the following months in 2020: January & February

March 2020

Week beginning March 2nd- Sprains & Strains

February 2020

Week beginning February 3rd- Protect Your Hearing

Week beginning February 10th- Portable Heaters

Week beginning February 17th- Using Safer Chemicals

Week beginning February 24th- The Hierarchy of Controls

January 2020

Week beginning January 6th- New Year’s Safety Resolutions

Week beginning January 13th- Material Handling

Week beginning January 20th- Cuts, Scrapes, & Puncture Wounds

Week beginning January 27th- Flammables & Combustibles

Foresight is Better –

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