Owned and Operated by Veterans

ESI is over three decades old providing safe, high quality, and cost-effective structural steel erection from new construction to complete renovations. The company uses its extensive experience for all types of commercial construction including distribution and manufacturing centers, office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels and motels, hospital and medical facilities, sports centers, amusement attractions, government buildings including justice centers, as well as, private and public higher learning centers, campus housing, and pedestrian bridges.

We strive to provide quality, time, effort, experience, and personnel that our general contractors have come to rely on over time. The company is schedule driven. ESI’s operations management team set and maintain realistic project schedules which include the erection of steel joists, girders, beams, cross sections, and other structural members for buildings of various sizes and square footage. A well thought out completion schedule helps guide a project to a profitable end.

We shall always honor those that were not as fortunate.

World War II Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial

We shall always pray for the ones that returned not whole and for those that now serve.